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Forget about the old, shabby blackboards and stained whiteboards you used to have as a school kid. Glass whiteboards provide the perfect medium for writing. They are essential for all organizations that use them to display their presentations. Although the blackboard was replaced by the glossy dry erase boards, group writing was made more difficult by their difficult-to-erase streaks. These traditional designs are now possible with the new glass whiteboards.

They eliminate chalk dust, reduce allergies and provide long-distance visibility. Glass whiteboards are the latest innovation on the market, and it’s easy to see why businesses and schools choose them over other options. Glass whiteboards are used by many companies in stand-up meetings, remote presentations, and client discussions. Teachers use them often in schools to teach new concepts to students.


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Improve your Home Office with Commercial Glass

Glass adds glamour to your office, not just at work, but in-home office spaces as well. Glass takes up less visual space, so small areas seem more open with glass. Absolute Glass LLC, a Kentucky-based glass company, has the answer to your most common question in our Glass dry erase board guide. Sliding glass doors fit into tight spaces more efficiently than swinging/hinged doors because their panels don’t open into your room. They glide horizontally and are often configured with one or more operating panels and stationary panels, combining great style with extreme functionality. Our sliding glass doors offer smooth operation, performance, and durability.

Interior glass partitions, interior glass doors, and glass top desks are all our specialties! Modern or traditional, tinted or clear, crackled or beveled, tempered or annealed, we’ve got the glass for you.

Fogged & Cracked Window Replacement

Fogged windows are a common problem for homeowners. Insulated glass windows, also known as double-paned glass, triple-paned glass, or simply insulated glass, can lose their seal over time and cause windows to fog up or drip with condensation. Once a seal fails, moisture becomes trapped between the panes and can disrupt your view in a haze of fog.

What is happening when your glass is fogging up is that the gas or air has escaped via the failed seal, allowing a small amount of water within to create the fog. Our company has been providing premier glazing and exterior façade solutions longer than any other glass company.

When in proper condition, the panes are separated by an air-sealed space that reduces energy transfer in and out of a home or building, creating a multi-layer sandwich of air and glass, thereby lowering utility costs.


Door Repair & Replacement

Before COVID-19, automatic doors were mainly used for accessibility-challenged people to access buildings. Since the pandemic’s beginning, behavior has shifted, and the public is avoiding touchpoints. That puts an excessive load on the automatic door operators. If they fail, businesses can become a much more difficult place to access.

What is a Glass Whiteboard, and How Does It Work?

Glass whiteboards made of tempered Glass are more substantial than other types. Glass whiteboards can be made from a variety of different glass types, such as:

1) Melamine

Melamine whiteboards, the cheapest on the market for glass whiteboards, are made from resin-infused substrates and paper. The quality of melamine whiteboards will vary depending on the resin used and the substrates used, and the whiteboard’s stain resistance also depends on how much wax is used. These Glass dry erase boards are great for some occasions, but they are more susceptible to damage than other Glass.

2) Aluminum or painted steel

Glass whiteboards made of steel have a metal sheet backing and a multi-layer colored glass base coating, and a transparent layer acts as the surface. While quality painted steel and aluminum whiteboards are durable, they can scratch or dent if misused.

3) Porcelain Enamel Coated Steel

Porcelain whiteboards are the highest quality glass whiteboards on the market. They are made from steel boards coated with ceramic, and these whiteboards are highly scratch-resistant and can be used in the classroom and industrial settings.

No matter your choice, customized glass whiteboards are usually easier to clean, stronger, and more resistant to staining than traditional whiteboards. These whiteboards can be installed in any space, including commercial and educational areas, and the glass component blends easily with any decor.

Are glass whiteboards good?

The Glass dry erase boards are superior to all other brands. Glass whiteboards are more than just attractive and can withstand stains, streaks, and ghosting. Unlike traditional whiteboards made from a pressboard of mixed woods, glues, and chemicals, glass whiteboards have a simplified formula that is more environmentally friendly and sanitary. Even minor scratches and scuffs can be allowed without the accumulation of bacteria or other allergens.

Backsplashes & Countertops

Transform your kitchen with sleek, modern glass countertops and backsplashes. Glass in the kitchen adds contemporary flair and elegance and cannot be easier to clean. There are endless options to choose from in terms of texture, thickness, and color, as well as edge treatment.

Tabletops & Shelves

Glass tabletops and shelves provide a sleek, easy-to-maintain surface, available in all shapes and sizes. It’s elegant, stylish, practical, and easy to customize and clean. Protect your investment in your beautiful furniture with a glass top cut to fit. Our glass tabletops will shield the surface while letting the beauty shine through.

Can whiteboard markers be used on Glass?

You can write on a whiteboard glass with a dry erase marker, and it will not stain. A variety of characteristics can be used on a glass whiteboard. The glass experts recommend that you do not leave marks on the glass whiteboard for too long as it can be tricky (but not impossible!) to erase.

Are glass whiteboards magnetic?

Magnets can be placed on glass whiteboard surfaces for organization and storage. Glass whiteboards with strong steel backing offer magnetic abilities. Magnetic processing involves attaching a steel sheet to the back side of the tempered glasses. The thickness of a glass whiteboard may limit ordinary magnet capabilities. Glass dry erase boards are well suited for use by neodymium and rare earth magnets. Talk to a specialist in Glass and discuss the best magnetic whiteboards for your school, business, or hospital.


Absolute Glass is your source for the largest variety of mirrors on the market today. Whatever the application, Absolute has the option! For home and office, Absolute can provide the customization to make your room stand out.

How to clean glass whiteboards

Glass whiteboards won’t stain or streak like traditional whiteboards. However, regular cleaning will keep the surface looking new and shiny. While we recommend that you consult your local glass company and read the manual before cleaning your Glass dry erase board, here are some tips.

  1. To avoid scratching the glass surface, clean your glass whiteboard with explicit
  2. It is best to clean your Glass at a cool temperature. If it is heated or exposed to direct sunlight, it could cause damage.
  3. Deep cleaning of Glass dry erase boards requires a mild detergent or specialized glass solution.
  4. Our specialists recommend using a soft towel or a cloth to clean your glass whiteboard or erase any markings.
  5. Tapes and adhesives can be brutal to remove from glass surfaces. To avoid scratching the Glass, you should consult a glass specialist.
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