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Call (859) 356-6789  for a Free Quote & Fast Service. Professional Glass Repair / Replacement Services. 24/7 Emergency Service. A Neighborly Company. Qualified Experts. We proudly offer Kentucky’s highest quality custom-made glass pet doors at Absolute Glass LLC. We have made glass doors for many pets. Our goal is to use only the highest quality materials and provide an uncompromising craft. Our research and development team strives to improve existing products and create new applications continually.

No matter your specific application, you’ll be joining millions of happy customers worldwide who love the freedom our custom-made pet doors offer. There will be no drafts or unwanted critters entering your home. Our unique nylon pile weather stripping is double-flapped and made from nylon piles, and it protects against wind, insect intrusion, and other unwanted animals.

Your Pet Door & Doggy Door Guide

Nearly half of Kentucky residents have pets (cats, dogs, etc.) and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of owning a pet. Dogs and cats have different needs and need exercise, food, and grooming. A custom-made glass dog door is a great way to simplify your life, and it allows the pet to go out and in without interrupting their daily activities.

There are many sizes and styles of pet doors available. When choosing a pet door, you should consider the size of your dog. Dog doors come in various sizes, from small doors measuring five by 8 inches to large doors measuring 13 by 23 inches. They can be installed in many places, including stucco, brick walls, siding, windows, French, steel, and wood doors. Kentucky is the best place to have a pet door installed. They are durable enough to withstand many environments and locations.

Privacy On Demand

Optional privacy isn’t the only benefit; switchable smart glass can also help you save on your utility bill. Having the control to allow more light in during the colder months and less in the summer can add up to substantial savings over time.

Switchable privacy glass, also known as dynamic or electrochromic glazing, is an electrically activated glazing technology that instantly changes from transparent to opaque, creating privacy with the flip of a switch. While started, the panels are transparent, allowing full view and daylight to pass through. When powered down, the idea is completely obscured.

Switchable glass is well suited to conference rooms, partitions, hospitals, front entrance ways, bathrooms & windows, as it allows openness and privacy to co-exist in a single place. Sleeker-looking and infinitely more hygienic than curtains or blinds, switchable glass is easy to clean and will never block your view unless you tell it to. Two-thirds of existing buildings in America were built before the advent of Low-E glass. More than 50% of existing buildings are monolithic (single pane) glass.

A Leader in Window Retrofitting

There are approximately five million commercial buildings in the US with around 70 billion square feet of glass. These buildings consume 40% of the energy, typically fossil fuel-generated electricity, in the country.

Whether it is a single failed sealed unit or a new façade, aesthetics and energy efficiency are often the main triggers for building owners to re-glaze their building.

While many glazing sub-contractors only bid on new construction, Binswanger Glass is an undisputed leader in the retrofit market.

Building owners and maintenance companies understand the return on investment of higher rent and energy savings by updating their outdated windows to a high-performance glazing system.

There are many options for dog doors on the market. Pet owners must consider their needs and compare them with the available models, sizes, features, and product options to choose the right dog door. You can find many dog doors at pet shops and manufacturer websites. Absolute Glass LLC can help guide you through the many options to quickly decide which door will be best for your pet and home.

What you need to know about the pet door selection

So many options are available, so choosing the right pet door can seem overwhelming. Absolute Glass LLC takes out the hassle and research you might otherwise have to do and installs it for you. This will make your pet’s purchase very enjoyable and easy. A pet door is an expensive investment, and we want you to be satisfied with your decision. Here are some things we discussed choosing the right pet door for you and your pet.

Do Evaluate Different Dog Door Types

The material of a dog door will vary depending on its size and location. If your dog loves to chew, you should choose a bite-proof option. Advanced construction offers a higher energy efficiency than smaller models.

Your dog’s size should determine the size of the door. The door should be approximately 2 inches above your pet’s shoulders. You can have the lower lip of your door low or high. Some pet owners opt for an entry at least five inches above the ground to keep backyard wildlife and cats from roaming indoors.

Most dog doors have a flap on the door, but some models come with sliding panels. This type of dog door is more efficient because it keeps heat and cold out. Sliding door  can also be locked, preventing pets and trouble from getting in. The sliding glass insert door is the most convenient because it doesn’t need an open storm door or screen for dogs to use. Take a look at how the dog door works.

Basic manual dog doors can be mounted to a door or wall and have a flap that allows the dog to enter and exit. This is the most economical type of door. The owner cannot control this door style and can’t govern the door. If another pet, such as a dog or cat, is not allowed outside, the door type can’t stop them from accessing it. An automatic door can be made dog-specific. The door opens by activating a control on the collar. An electronic door uses a collar containing a magnet, an ultrasound transmitter, or a computer chip to signal the door’s opening. An automatic gate can be locked to prevent unwanted pests or intruders.

Do Check the Location of the Dog Door

You can mount a glass door to your dog in many places. The most common choice is the door. No matter what your purpose is, doors are a popular choice. Storm door dog door installation is somewhat misleading, as the dog door is mounted on the screen door. The storm door allows access control, and this installation will enable you to control access for your pet by opening or closing the storm door.

The sliding glass insert dog door is the most popular and most accessible type of dog door. It can be attached to the end of a patio track, and you will find the dog opening at the bottom. You can also choose to have your dog open through the door. Professional installation is required because precision glass cutting is necessary for this type of dog door.

The overhead garage pet door is an excellent option for dogs who spend most of their time outside. The overhead garage pet door will allow the dog to access the garage even when it is hot, cold, or otherwise unfavorable. You can leave the dog outside for the rest of the day. It is essential to consider the size of the overhead garage door when installing it.

Take into account energy efficiency

It doesn’t matter where the dog door is placed, and it is recommended to include a weather seal. Cool air from the air conditioner escapes when someone opens an exterior door. The basic flap-entry dog door is not the most efficient way to conserve energy. Choosing an energy-efficient dog door is essential to keep indoor heat and cool. There are many energy-efficient flap dog doors. These flaps can double- or insulated. A solid-paned door with locks or slides might appeal more to dog owners than a flap style. This door is safer and more durable.

Before you buy, measure the installation location and your dog.

Once you’ve purchased a custom-made glass dog door, you must determine the size. We have methods to measure your dog from the floor to the shoulders to determine the height and width. Your dog should have at least two inches more space in the dog door than you. Dogs will duck their heads when they pass through the dog door, so it should be at least two inches wider than the dog. Make a mock door out of paper or cardboard to verify your measurements’ precision.

Do not assume one size fits all

It would help if you considered many factors to determine your specific needs. This will determine which custom-made pet doors are the best for you. It is essential to carefully examine the details of each dog door and any restrictions or instructions for installation. When choosing an entry for your dog, consider the size of each dog. If a retriever or toy poodle will use the door, the door should be sufficiently low to the ground that they can both step through and big enough for the retriever to pass through. It will also need to be relatively lightweight so the dog can pass through it quickly.

Do Not assume your dog will know how to use the dog door

Some dogs can learn to use a door in minutes, while others may take several weeks to learn. Be patient, praise your dog for making progress and reward him with treats and praise. You might consider taking your dog to a local trainer to help him learn how to use the dog door. Absolute Glass LLC has a trick to get your dog to open the door, and they have some tips on how to use bacon or other food incentives.

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