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Here’s what you need to know about glass tabletops

Call (859) 356-6789  for a Free Quote & Fast Service. Professional Glass Repair / Replacement Services. 24/7 Emergency Service. A Neighborly Company. Qualified Experts. There are many uses for glass tabletops, but they often protect the tops of coffee tables, chairs, and desks. The glass that is thinner than 1/4 inch is best for covering wood surfaces. The glass edges are usually polished to prevent injury. Tempering is not required if the glass is placed on wooden surfaces. We offer a variety of solutions for your property and so much more:

  1. Storefronts & Entrances
  2. Curtain Wall Systems
  3. Breath Barriers
  4. Mirrors
  5. Door Repair
  6. Hurricane Rated Glass
  7. Office Doors & Partitions
  8. Railing Systems
  9. Security Glazing
  10. Switchable Privacy Glass
  11. Transaction Windows
  12. Window Retrofit

Commercial Storefronts and Entrances

Updating a storefront can have other advantages beyond accessibility and visual appeal. A new storefront system can lower  utility costs by 15-20%. We offer a full range of architectural products and services to meet any commercial customer’s glass needs. Regardless of the size or scope, we design, create and install all types of commercial glazing system. This checklist can ensure the glass will not sit on top of the furniture.

Commercial Curtain Wall

Designed to resist water and air infiltration, curtain wall systems also withstand sway created by wind, seismic activity, and the system’s own weight.

Commercial Breath Barriers

We’re here to help restart your business with either permanent or temporary barriers to help keep your employees and customers safe.

More About Breath Barrier Services

Bid process: Consulting with our glass and metal experts early in a project improves the glazing system’s performance and can save money and time.

Design Assist: Our estimators/project managers and commercial contract team execute leading-edge work on custom installations. Our experienced team of fabricators, glaziers, and installers can work with contractors to fill the glass needs for both new construction and remodeling projects across the country. Please contact us to help you get started.

We offer a variety of solutions for your entrance needs.

  1. Aluminum Doors
  2. Anti-microbial Coatings
  3. Arm Pulls
  4. Automatic Folding Doors
  5. Automatic Sliding Doors
  6. Automatic Swinging Doors
  7. Ballistic-Resistant
  8. Cladding
  9. Door Mounted Push-button Openers
  10. Fire-Rated Doors and Entrances
  11. Foot Levers
  12. Forced Entry-Resistant
  13. Hurricane-Rated Systems
  14. Overhead Motion Activated Sensors
  15. Revolving Doors
  16. Swing Doors
  17. Touchless Entry Systems

Recommended Thickness: Glass thickness should be at least 1/4”. To create a specific effect, you can use 3/16’s or 3/8″‘s glass thickness. If you do this, ensure that the furniture can support the glass’s weight.

The preferred edge is a flat, polished one. A pencil or beveled polish is possible if you want to add an accent or dramatic effect. Glass tables with sanded edges are very popular.

Glass Strength – While annealed glass will usually protect the table, tempered glass can be used to provide safety, particularly for homes with younger children. Tempered glass table tops add an extra layer to strength.

  1. Ensure your furniture is safe from scratches, nicks, and other damages.
  2. Glass is an excellent option for updating furniture that you have older, and it’s less permanent than paint and stains.
  3. Glass is beautiful, and a great way to make dull items shine is to add a top.
  4. Glass tops can enhance the look of tables or dressers made from wood. They protect your investment against sun damage, scratches, and glass rings.
  5. Buy a tabletop to complete the look of a nightstand or plant stand.
  6. Glass replacement tops are a great option when replacing an old glass insert.
  7. Tables that are outside are more susceptible to weathering and other damage.
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Services Offered

Automotive Services

  1. Windshield Replacement
  2. Windshield Repair
  3. Side & Rear View Mirrors
  4. Side & Rear Glass Replacement
  5. Windshield Camera Recalibration

Shower Doors & Enclosures

  1. Custom Glass Shower Doors
  2. Framed Glass Shower Doors
  3. Frameless Glass Shower Doors
  4. Glass Protection
  5. Glass Steam-Shower Enclosures

Residential Services

  1. Window Glass Repair & Replacement
  2. Mirrors
  3. Bathroom Vanity Mirrors
  4. Antique Mirrors
  5. Bar Mirrors

Commercial Services

  1. Breath Barriers
  2. Commercial Mirrors
  3. Curtain Wall
  4. Door Repair & Replacement
  5. Emergency Services

OPEN for Business

Whether providing entry to Americans with Disabilities or preventing the spread of COVID-19 with automatic doors, the way customers access and navigate your business is more critical than ever. In addition to installation, Absolute Glass can repair, move, modify, or replace storefront systems in existing buildings. There has never been a time when accessibility to your Ohio or Kentucky business has been more critical than now.

Transaction Windows

Safe & Secure Service Windows

An operable, anodized aluminum transaction window with operable functionality will improve security, energy performance, and customer experience. Transaction windows are a barrier between customers and staff. They can be cleaned easily with a non-porous, sterilizable surface that doesn’t attract or mold bacteria. Absolute Glass can meet or exceed all your needs. For a range of transaction window needs, we work with schools, banks, hospitals, pharmacies, and municipalities.

Commercial Glass solution

  1. Drive-Thru Windows
  2. Tickets Windows
  3. Receiver of Packages
  4. Combo Windows
  5. Forcible Entry-Resistant
  6. Ballistic-Resistant
  7. Safety glasses laminated

Our dedicated team has the expertise and knowledge to get you what you need.

Security Glass

Blast, Forced Entry Resistant Glazing

Forcible entry-resistant glazing prevents entry from blunt impact, strong impact, and thermal stress. It also allows law enforcement to respond quickly.

  1. Blast-Resistant
  2. Ballistic/Blast-Resistant
  3. Fire-Rated
  4. Schools, commercial, medical, public, worship, and other types of buildings
  5. Detention
  6. High-Risk Facilities
  7. Storefronts and Entrances
  8. Impact of Large and Small Missiles
  9. Seismic

Meets or Exceeds:

  1. ASTM E2395-18 Level 5.
  2. ASTM F1233 Class 1
  3. UL 972
  4. CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat I & Cat 2
  5. ANSI Z97.1
  6. ASTM C1036
  7. ASTM C1048
  8. ASTM C1172
  9. ASTM F1233.
  10. H.P. H.P.
  11. ASTM C1349

Partitions & Doors for Offices

Harmonizing Privacy, Safety, & Collaboration

Interior glass partitions are highly in demand. They are easy to clean and have a non-porous, sterilizable surface that doesn’t attract or mold. Glass partitions are the best choice because it offers privacy, style, and safety as well as resilience. Our dedicated team has the expertise and knowledge to get you what you need.

Commercial mirrors

Absolute Glass has been a household name in mirrors for years. For all their mirror requirements, Absolute Glass is the trusted choice for gyms, yoga studios, and bars across KY and OH.


  1. Expert Measuring and Installation
  2. Your needs can be custom-made
  3. Safety backing/Film
  4. After Sales Service
  5. Bonded and Insured

Our dedicated team has the expertise and knowledge to get you what your need.

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