It’s raining heavily. You are holed up in your house draped in a cozy blanket with a good book to keep you company. Occasionally, you take a peek outside the window as you sip in your tea to marvel at the view. Isn’t the scenario comforting? But wait! Here’s something that can spoil it all. What if the water seeps in through the window? You will find yourself scrambling around looking for buckets and towels. It doesn’t sound fun, does it? This is what happens if you have leaky windows.

Window leaks can be attributed to a variety of factors. If the windows are incorrectly installed or have worn-out parts, the sealing components can break down. This is a problem that needs immediate attention. After all, the rain can be pretty heavy in Florence, KY, and you need to be adequately prepared. And it isn’t only the rain the problem. Leaky windows pave the way for mold and mildew, wood rot, and a whole set of issues that can be a nuisance.

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What Causes Window Leakage?

Before you learn how to prevent the windows from leaking, you need to know more about the root of the matter. Why have your windows started leaking? Any one of the following factors can be responsible for this.

    • Windows lose their ability to hold out water and air with time. Aging homes have damaged window frames leading to leakage.
    • The excessive moisture in the house can lead to condensation developing between the window panes causing leaks even when there’s no rain.
    • A bad glass seal can also lead to water finding its way between the glass panes. This is a sign that your windows aren’t energy efficient.
    • The window sealant around the windows having cracks and gaps can give room for water to seep into your place.
    • Wall sometimes leaks present as window leaks.

How To Prevent Window Leakage?

So how do you prepare yourself for the upcoming rainy season in Florence, KY? Here are some tips that can help you out.

Professional Installers Are A Valuable Ally

The chances of window leakage decrease significantly if they are correctly installed the first time. Therefore, ensure that you only bring certified contractors, like Absolute Glass LLC, to get the job done.

Ensure Proper Sealing

Don’t delay fixing your window seals. You can use a caulking gun for this purpose. Inspect your windows closely on the first sign of leak for gaps and caulk all the joints as a temporary solution to prevent the matter from spiraling out of control.

Think About Replacement

Of course, the ultimate solution to dealing with leaky windows is replacing them. Absolute Glass LLC is here to help you out in this. You can temporarily hold off the water, but if your windows are damaged, the problem will be back knocking on your doors sooner or later. Don’t let your property get spoiled due to water by taking timely action.

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