Glass Shower Enclosure Options

The Difference in Your Glass Shower Enclosure Options

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There is a good chance that you have seen a house with a framed enclosure made of polished brass. There are many beautiful options available if you want to surround your shower, and you will need to research before you can achieve the best results, no matter if you choose a frameless or framed look.

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Consider a frameless shower enclosure made of Glass or tile. Frameless enclosures are flexible and can be made to suit both modern tastes or traditional, elegant designs. Glass is easy to maintain and clean, and Glass, with a finished finish, can repel most soap scum and water spots generally build up.

Aluminum and Glass

An aluminum and glass surround can make your shower stand out. The aluminum frame houses the glass panels, and the enclosure mimics the appearance of tiles. The glass panels have a unique look thanks to the mix of dark metal and the beauty of the clear Glass.

Glass Block

A stunning glass block enclosure is an excellent option if you want to eliminate the need for a door. You can get surrounded by textured patterns inside and give your bathroom a modern look with solid lines and an excellent design.

Slider Enclosure

A sliding glass shower door is an excellent option if you don’t have enough space for a swinging shower door. A sliding glass shower door is perfect for saving space and adding style to your bathroom. You can use these sliding door showers in any area.

Tub Enclosure

If you can make your enclosure around your tub, there’s no reason you have to use a shower curtain. Choosing a hinged, tempered-class compartment allows you to have both a bathtub and a shower. The shower can be reached quickly, and the water will not pool. Tempered Glass is also an option. You can have the Glass sandblasted to create a particular look or add privacy.

Textured glass enclosure

Textured Glass can be a great option if privacy is important to you. You can almost get a spa-like feel from the textures when water runs down them, and this design will give you a transparent effect while still keeping your privacy level high.

Multiple Entry

You may need more than one shower, depending on your space. You may not realize how convenient multiple ways to access your battery are until you use it. You can make your bathroom functional and stylish with a great him and her design.

No Attachment

You can create a stunning shower with just the right tile or stone. You can have a beautiful shower without having to install an enclosure.

Framed Enclosure

They are an affordable option to keep the water in the shower area. You can look for unique features or experiment with different materials to make your enclosure stand out.

Glass and tile

This is a way to make your bathroom feel more prominent or to add a touch of elegance to your space. Frameless glass windows can give the shower a more pronounced feel and look, and you will also be able to let a lot more light in. If you’re feeling adventurous, you will find that mixing more than one element can create a unique space in your bathroom. You can create a unique look by combining materials and letting your imagination run wild.

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Skylights can lift the mood of an interior space by adding beautiful, natural daylight into dark places. If you have issues with yours as they age, were here to help most cost-effectively. We can fix problems with leaky, fogged, or broken glass, as well as hardware replacement for trouble with opening or closing your skylight.

Pet Doors

Providing your pet the ability to move more freely can limit accidents and allow them access to fresh air and play. Glass pet doors are a great solution. They allow your pet a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way in and out.

Directly through glass pet doors are less intrusive, secure, and weathertight. Absolute Glass is an authorized installer of in-glass pet doors and has helped countless customers allow their pets more freedom.

Glass Wine Cellars

The only thing better than a bottle of wine is your very own cellar full of it. We offer custom glass wine cellars for any budget with a wide range of glass and hardware options. No matter your wine cellaring scenario, Absolute Glass can help you develop a plan for ideal performance and a carefree glass wine room.

Balancing privacy, light, and style

Absolute Glass is the ultimate source for textured, patterned, and decorative glass options. Textured glass can be used throughout the home in many areas, including shower enclosures, tabletops, shelves, cabinet inserts, and more.

The textured glass will not only look spectacular, but it provides both natural daylight and privacy. Use decorative glass as doors, tables, walls, cladding, partitions, chairs, bar tops, and desktops – there are many possibilities.

Glass Edge Options

There are many options for glass edges. You can choose the type of edgework you want for flat glass, such as shelves, mirrors, or tabletops.

No Edgework

You could choose to do no edgework. This would leave you with sharp edges. It is not recommended.

Seamed Edges

Seamed edges can be achieved by light sanding. This finish appears almost wavy and is not uniform. This non-uniformity might not be apparent in thinner glass pieces, such as 1/8″ or double strength. However, this can still be noticeable on 1/4″ and 3/8″ glass, especially on mirrors or shelves.

Ground Edges

Ground edges are consistent in appearance and have a satin finish. This reduces reflection through the mirror or glass. Ground edges make a ¼-inch mirror’s edge almost invisible.

Polished Edges

Polishing glass edges is achieved using a fine abrasive and oil to buff the edges. This creates a translucent look. For thicker glass in frameless shower enclosures and shelves, flat polished edges can be an excellent option.

Other options than the ones shown here include ogee and triple pencil polish (waterfall), wave, or chipped. These specialty edges may occasionally be available on stock, but they usually need to be custom-fabricated and can increase cost.

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