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Are you searching for a trusted glass window replacement provider? Absolute Glass, LLC offers affordable and quality replacement windows to Kentucky residents. Also, we have a competent team of experienced technicians who passionately execute their duties. We work with the leading manufacturers in the county including: Weather King Doors, Atrium Window & Doors, The Glenny Glass Company, and much more!

Home Window Replacement

Some things you should be aware of before replacing your home's windows:

  • New windows have an extra cost - Modern dual-paned glass efficiently retains air and heating condition. They occupy a small portion of your home's exterior. Also, they offer up to 15% energy savings.
  • Maintenance - It's agreeable that most wood products available today aren't as sturdy as they were fifty years ago. Therefore, you need to source alternative rigid wood. You can buy vinyl windows or wood windows with an aluminum coating. We only charge an extra 15% for aluminum-coated windows.

Glass Replacement Services in Covington

Glass Window & Door Replacement

Glass window replacement isn't an easy fete. Currently, there is a lot of modern double-pane glass which easily breaks. Also, it loses the panes' seals, especially in foggy weather. Therefore, replacing a single insulating window piece tends to be expensive. However, we offer discounts to clients with substantial replacement projects.

At first, we remove the whole sash with broken insulating glass. Our technicians then measure the glass panel's thickness and size. Also, we help you in identifying the manufacturer and assessing whether your fogged-up window's warranty has expired.

Replacement Windows

When you discover that your windows are foggy, consider replacing them. Initially, procuring new windows might appear expensive; however, it earns you considerable monthly energy savings. Moreover, triple or double-pane replacement windows contain krypton or argon. It helps in preventing your home from losing warm air. Some windows have a thin coating that reflects particular solar waves.

Basement Window Replacement

We follow a simple procedure when replacing your basement's windows. Our staff removes all sash components except the steel or aluminum frame. They then reach the concrete through a rough opening at the structure. Also, they use a saw with a metal blade to make a thick cut at the frame's bottom. It helps in weakening the frame so that they wedge a rigid pry bar between it and the concrete. Upon reaching the mortar, we measure it to determine the size of replacement windows necessary.

Investing in replacement windows for your home is critical. Before purchasing a glass door replacement, you need to know specific issues such as whether the firm manufactures different replacements or if they merely install other firms' products. Also, you should know where they make their glass.

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At Absolute Glass, LLC we value our customers experience. Browse through some of our client reviews to get a better idea about our services.

I highly recommend Absolute Glass. They are very professional and fair. Top quality work. J.M.

Brandon was very polite and punctual, in fact he was early. He replaced the panes in 2 condo windows. Everything went as he said it would, no problems at all, and the price was lower than all the other estimates I got. Jason R.*

Absolute Glass, LLC is the right place to visit whenever you urgently require a glass door replacement. We offer a variety of services including replacement windows, textured glass and receptionist windows. Visit our office for free consultation.