Fireplace Screen DIY project instructions Created from an Old Window

You can use this project with any design style, modern or rustic. This DIY fireplace screen is an excellent option if you want to make a change to your fireplace. Your fireplace will look great with an old window. This is a great way to keep your heart warm and fresh as we move into spring.

Remove Old Glass

i) There are some safety precautions you should take when removing old glass from your frame. Wear protective eye-wear as small pieces of glass can fly. It will usually fall to the ground, but it is better to be prepared.

ii) To prevent the glass from slicing your hands, leather gloves are also necessary.

iii) Place the window on a concrete floor. Use a hammer to gently smash the glass in every corner. The glass should drop easily after several hits.

iv) Use a pair of pliers to remove small pieces.


1) You can find an old window frame that is roughly the same size as your fireplace. You can easily find these at flea markets and thrift shops for a low price.

2) Sand the frame of the window with sandpaper to give it a smoother look. This will help remove any old paint and prepare the window for a new coat.

3) Painting a window is easy because there is no glass between the panes.

4) Once the window is dry, the project can be completed! The screen should be leaned against the fireplace.

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